Help me chose a LV plan to raise my FTP

I’ve just completed SSB 1 and 2 LV, my start ramp test was 215, after SSB1 234 and after SSB 242 which is as much as my all time high from last summer.

I don’t have any events or races, just my regular commutes and I want to raise my FTP as much as possible. Last summer without any structured training ever I managed to get a pretty decent 30s-3min power output but a mediocre FTP of 242 (3.2W/kg)

So what should I do now, general or short power to get back my <3min power and raise VO2 ceiling or sustained build and hope my VO2 reaches it old levels from outdoor riding like it did last year?

Are those two plans the first you’ve done in TR? Are you using AT?

The low volume SS plans are really build plans. But you do get a nuanced shift in focus still as you progress through base/build/specialty.

If you’re just getting started, you’ll likely to see rapid increase on almost anything. But I’d do general build. It’s a good mix. I also like the century specialty a lot. No matter what, use AT.

But again, at low volume, things tend to blur a bit through base/build/specialty. Which isn’t a bad thing - every workout is a hammer session, so you truly maximize your time. It’s awful for me to do low volume plans unless I rest a lot. And pre-AT it was basically impossible for me without dropping the intensity and just doing those three workouts a week.


Yes first time structured training and just going with the program till now