Heart Rate Deep Dive, Tulsa Tough, VO2max and FTP and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 313

Coach Chad is back! I repeat: COACH CHAD IS BACK! :tada:

This week we dig into how VO2max affects FTP, why heart rate may be lower or higher for different people at different times, and discussions about positioning in aggressive groups, heat, crashing and more inspired by Tulsa Tough.

Tune in for the YouTube Live Stream this morning at 8:00am Pacific!

Youtube Live Video:

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So sorry to hear about your losses, @chad.

Happy to hear that you got the time you needed for all you were going through. To know how TR treated you when you needed support and time like that speaks volumes about company culture. I’m so envious of that atmosphere. In any case, happy to see you in good spirits despite it all and to see you making a return to the podcast on your terms.

We missed you a lot, Chad, and I hope that has been evident in the live chat on Youtube today.


Great dive on the men’s side of Legion. It would be great to hear thoughts on how the women’s field competes with the team developing on that side. Skylar and Kendall were dominate as well during the weekend (Kendall getting 3rd on night one after that leadout is still one of the craziest highlights of the weekend for me), but in a very different fashion (smaller team, more limited leadoffs). How do the variances in the women’s field and the team sizes there change the approach competitors take to win going forward?


Man @chad so sorry to hear about your loss. Glad that you had the time to step back and deal with what is a huge emotional burden.


So sorry for your losses, Chad. Know that we care about you and hope the best for you and your family. We all missed you and are happy to see you here again.


Welcome back to Chad. I’m glad that you took some time off and that TrainerRoad is sensible as well to make sure you had the space to deal with such an incredibly tough series of losses.

While this place is just an internet forum, there are lots of us who genuinely care about all of you folks as people and want the best for your mental and physical health first and foremost.


I had a good giggle with Nate’s slip of the lips on the upcoming feature. So funny to see Jon and Amber yank the reins quick and hard to shut him down :stuck_out_tongue:

I love Nate’s enthusiasm on the tool and think the Alternates is really an awesome addition to the greater picture :smiley:


I’m on the iOS beta and I think this feature was in the latest update? Under variants I see what I think Nate was talking about. Maybe I’ll have to go back and listen.

Whether it was what Nate let slip or the actual feature they were trying to promote, it’s a really nice addition.

Also, it is very nice to see the whole gang back together on the podcast. Hopefully it means that everybody is healthy and (reasonably) happy.


Yes, Alternates for Duration (length of workout) are in the new release.
One other aspect he touched on is apparently not in the new release.


I’m seeing variants for time and levels/difficulty. I thought that’s what he was talking about.

I’ll have to go back and listen again. And then keep my mouth shut in case I got put on the super-beta iOS app to make up for the fact I still don’t have AT.


LOL, it got a bit fuzzy for me too. I slipped and mentioned this basic function a while ago when I thought it was widely available, but was only open to AT Beta testers. This new step seems to open at least part of it to other users.

Whatever the reason, I’m stoked. I’ve been adjusting time and duration sometimes by going through the workout filters. But to have it right there is :100:

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The feature you are showing there is the Duration functionality of Workout Alternates. What Nate let slip was an additional level of filtering that will allow you to not only select the desired duration, but also whether you want the alternate workout to be easier or harder.

That’s in the works now, but not yet released :slight_smile:


OK, so now I can go fiddle with time and the level, but the next step is to have AT recommend one that would be productive if I’m feeling a bit better/worse than what’s on the calendar? You probably already know this, but that’s a pretty cool feature.



Sorry for your loss Chad. My condolences

Happy to have you back. Wishing you nothing but the best.


When I heard what you’d been going through Chad, I literally froze - got the chills and goose bumps. When I get this, I feel it’s symbolic of sending warmth to someone I care about. Hope you’re feeling the compassion coming your way buddy…


Well said. I welled up, which is ridiculous, a dude I don’t know, on the other side of the world. You’ve been missed massively Chad, so glad you’re back, hope you’re bearing up ok.

P.S. you look well!


Delighted to see you back Chad. Really sorry to hear what you have been going through. I was worried about you and have missed you. Good to know you were able to get some space and time. Take care buddy. Life is frustratingly random at times.