Having Difficulty with ERG Wahoo Core and Assioma Pedals

Have not had great success with ERG mode since the app change…but admitatly have not done a tremendous amount of indoor training since the app change either (not having a good experience obviously keeps me away some). I digress…

Check this ride out Log In to TrainerRoad …you’ll see I just couldn’t let up, as the power would increase. Not a big deal for this ride, as it was a Z2 recovery as I taper…

Played with power smoothing from 10 seconds to 3 seconds. Played with all the power match options…NEW, Legacy etc… Did not go to resistence mode.

It was almost like it was wanting me to keep the same cadence, but switch gears…so I would and then it would slowly force me to do higher power than requested at that lower cadence…

Bummer… Anyone with thoughts, can I send the file to support…I’m sure not many are having this issue, or TR would be all over it :slight_smile:

Yes, you should email support@trainerroad.com so they can review the logs.

I don’t see anything overly clear or suspicious in the file from the limited review that we can do.

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Sounds good. Thanks for the reply Chad! I also just remembered that the app crashed or at least disappeared during the workout, I was able to resume and all seemed well, but that honestly could have been about the same time it felt like it wouldn’t keep up…right before the higher interval…hmm… Could have just been a quark…I had forgot that happened prior.

Either way I’ll reach out and see if there is anything they need/want to look at!

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Update! I used my laptop last night rather than mobile (which also quit during workout, and could have been related) and had no issues at all. Will try Mobile tonight/next and see if it was just a fluke. Support reached out and has been very responsive thus far.

Thanks TR for a great product and service!

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And another update…tonights workout was super smooth on android mobile, until the last two intervals…and the ERG basically locked up…I had to bail! Log In to TrainerRoad

Going to work with Support from here…laptop worked great last night…until we figure it out, looks like I’ll be on laptop from now now.

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