Ever have software slow you down until you can't pedal?

This just started. I’ll be in the middle of an interval of say 200 watts in ERG mode, cruising along at 85rpm, and then suddenly perceived effort goes way up. I look down and I’m doing 70, then 60, then 50 rpm to maintain wattage. It’s like I’m pushing against a wall. within a few more seconds I can no longer turn the pedals. If I pause the workout, I can go another minute or two before it happens again. It’s NOT muscle fatigue, and it doesn’t do it in zwift - only with the TR app. Any ideas? I’m on a saris H3.

Probably worthwhile to contact support@trainerroad.com so they can review your logs and see if they can help.

I don’t use the PC app much, I usually use the app on my phone, but I decided to try it a few times about a week ago and had this happen during one of my rides. I’m on the H2.

I’ve had similar on my Wahoo, where I would be riding and then all of the sudden “jam”. Unplugging and replugging did the trick, although obviously not a great fix if you’re mid workout.

Apologies if I am teaching you to suck eggs. Have you heard of the ERG spiral of death. There’s some good YouTube videos on it.

Used to happen to me occasionally using TR app on my PC with an ANT+ dongle and a first generation Wahoo Kickr. Tried various things like turning off all the electronic devices in the vicinity, firmware updates, etc, etc., never managed to eliminate it. Exactly the problem you describe - resistance would ramp up to Chris Hoy-like levels until I couldn’t turn the pedals.

Eventually tried using the iPad app with BT control instead and that worked fine so have stuck with that ever since!