Issues with erg mode

Hi all,

Has anyone else had an issue where the trainer sticks at a particular resistance and does not change in erg mode when it should?

I have a Neo and I’ve been using TR for a month now but around once a week I have to reset everything and start again. I was doing McAdie +1 today and during one of the over blocks my trainer got stuck at the high restance. When the interval changed the resistance didn’t. I obviously had to stop the workout and start again by switching everything off. Pretty frustrating really as I’m not the most motivated person so to start it again or resume the workout is tough. I actually gave up today and just went for a run instead.



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Do you have any other devices which may be connected to the trainer? (Zwift, Tacx app, … )
How are you connected to the trainer? (ANT / ANT FEC / Bleutooth ? )
Does your trainer have the latest firmware?

I would start there… Hope some of these tips apply to your issue…

Ant FEC via my Samsung s7 edge - no other devices attached. All software is up to date.

Then I would contact , like @mcneese.chad said :slight_smile: They are very good at what they do!


I’m having the same issue with the mobile app. Did you ever get a solution?

Hey @JohhnyS,

I’d recommend shooting an email to our Support Team at They would be happy to look into your specific case and help walk you through the troubleshooting steps to resolve your ERG miscommunication :+1:.

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