ERG mode power problem with new app version

Since upgrading to the new app version, I have had a persistent issue with the initial power when starting a workout in ERG mode.

When starting a workout, the power will level will be much higher than the target. For instance, this morning doing Boarstone the inital power was forcing me to do 210-220 watts when the target power is 140. I had to quit and re-start the workout 3 times to get it to come down. This has been happening on most of my workouts since upgrading to the new app version earlier this year.

Anyone else have this issue or know of a fix?

Fine to ask about it here, but have you contacted to review your issue? That is the best place to start for issues like this.

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I don’t use ERG one of the reasons being what I think you describe (it probably the quality or lack of to be precise of my Elite Suito), When I did use ERG I preferred the windows app where I could quickly toggle to resistance mode (T) for 5 secs or so (until it had balanced out), then I could toggle easily back to ERG.