Planning for Thanksgiving


I have finished sweet spot I and II, and am now in the Sustained Power Build. With next week being Thanksgiving, I will not be at home from the Thursday to the Sunday, and so won’t be able to complete my TR workouts for those days:

I’m planning to push Galena to the Sunday or Monday of the following week, and pull Avalanche Spire into the Wednesday. Does anyone have any better ideas on how to reschedule around the vacation?

You could push the workout schedule out one week and just supplement Monday through Wednesday with recovery workouts like Pettit or something similar.

You could also move Your workouts to Monday, Wednesday, Sunday that week and not skip a beat.

Since you’re doing low volume, consistency will be most important so getting saddle time is best. But you also don’t want to fatigue yourself too much with 4 weeks of good TSS if this is your first go at structured training. If your nutrition and recovery are dialed in, then you’ll probably be able to suck it up the training just fine. Just make note of what you’ve done along the way and ride on.

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