Has plan builder changed the order of plans?

I want to get back into indoor training. I have put in a long event in about 9 months’ time and plan builder is recommending SSB1 , SPB1, SSB2, SPB2, in that order. I think the last time I followed a plan, it made me do SSB1 and then SSB2 straight after. Has something changed?

The PB application will vary with each time scale set, so that could be enough to make a difference if you time for training is not exactly the same.

Additionally, your choice in the Experience section of PB can impact the results. I recommend checking all of the options in a preview to see if one plan seems more to your liking than another.

I had a similar situation. Wanted to set up a LV plan for my A event in August and got SSB LV1, GB LV, SSB LV2…

I put low volume and minimal training experience, thinking I’d get the 12 weeks of SSB and that didn’t help.

I have no desire whatsoever ever to do anaerobic work in December!


Mine’s the same, but I am looking forward to mixing it up a bit. Slogging through months of base with little or no improvement to my FTP, I find a bit soul destroying.

I’m looking forward to mixing in a bit of build and seeing where this takes me.

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