FTP growth in 7 months of Full Distance Base, Build, Spec Plan


Yesterday I started the FDHighV Base. I was going for the MediumVol, but figured that since I’m only slowly increasing my running from 3hrs/week and I’m only going back to the masters swim group in january, I theoretically could handle all workouts. I’ve done almost all of the prescribed workouts in the past, so I kinda know what is waiting me.

Ramped test at 256w ftp (3,9w/kg). In February I tested 237w at the start of the High Volume Half Base followed by 267w two months later. Unfortunately things delaired after that and I quited all races for the year and got stuck around that.

I HOPE/wish/desire to get to something around 270w (5% increase) by the end of the base, followed by 280w at the end of the build (3,7% increase) and 285w by race day (1,8% increase).

The idea is to be able to ride on race day at 70% = 200w. Last year I rode the exact same course (plus a short hill) at a 70.3 race. I averaged 200w/200np and rode 2h30 (36km/h). I think next year I will be 2-3kg lighter and a little bit more aero. So, I would like to ride in 5hrs in order to be within the realms of possibility to finish it all around 10hrs, give or take.

I’m 34, healthy and I eat well. I’ve been riding for 7 years, three years of structure triatlon trainning (although not optimal. Bad coaching at local tri group). So I question for those who have experience with TR:

- Can I get to 285w/ftp (11% increase from baseline or 6% from previous best) in 7 months?