Has anybody ridden Tour de Palm Springs

I’m riding Tour de Palm Springs 9th Feb, and wanted to get any event info, tips or any links to past event times - I can’t find any event timings online.

I’m looking to ride fairly competitive age group time, so anything useful would be appreciated.

I have done this event 3 times. Its really fun event. Its fast 100 miles it more like 103 miles. Don’t stop at ever sag stop. Stop at half way point if you have too. it easy to get held up at the sags stops with so many people and stuff to see. Make sure you get the earliest start and get up to front. Its really windy usually in the first 15 miles. Get it done before it gets to hot out. Have fun I will probably be doing again this year. here is 100 mile route 101.9 mi Ride Activity on February 10, 2018 by Alex B. on Strava

Thanks Alex,

Was just planning on stopping the once on 50 miles, I should be able to manage on 2 water bottles (may go 1x550ml & 1x570ml) until half way and then get to the finish. I was planning on trying to get in the 6:30 start, but was a little unsure how it was organised? do you just turn up ready for the 6:30 start and they let you go. I normally try and get in with one of the big groups at the start, the climb’s don’t look that hard so may be able to hang in till at least the half way post.

Do you have a link to any past year results, I searched online but could not find any info about past times/results?

if i remember the 50 miler start later 7:30 am /8am they go in waves I don’t remember about timeing chip company its on separate site. 50 is a lot easier. I am sure you can jump in earlier you might be riding alone after the half way point. I use a gps to nav. the first time i did it a 50 mile it wasn’t marked well missed a few turns ended up riding extra.