Sea Otter Classic 2021

Anybody racing?

I’m signed-up for the circuit race and road race. Any insights for a heavier road rider (83kg)? (I’ve watched a few YouTube videos)

I was on the masters A circuit podium 2019. I’m not light and not too powerful compared to most masters. I got dropped the last two laps just over the top right before the corkscrew descent. The group will most likely play games after the corkscrew (by the pits) and you can catch back on. So don’t give up. If you are all together last lap the spot to be is either 2nd or 3rd through the second to last corner. I jumped everyone between the second to last and last corner from way back in the group. Maybe 7th or 8th I forget. But it was too far back. The wind right there will be left to right so the group is guttered on the right. Too long to write, but, I sprinted past everyone in the dirt off the right side. It’s not dirt though. It’s like clay. And it’s smooth so keep that in mind. Not saying ride there just that I got pushed into it and made a split decision to open up early on the dirt. It worked. Not ideal but, it worked.

The climb to the top of the corkscrew is tough. It’s a few minutes of really high power. Where the road turn to the left under the bridge you’ll be riding into a slightly left to right cross headwind. Just make sure your protected and to the right if this is the case. Easier said than done as everyone was thinking the same thing.

Lastly, it was windy on the top and descent. I had some 7.8’s that were way too deep. I used the 8 on the rear but, used a buddies 303 on the front. I think I’m good in cross wind and I was getting blown around. Use that to your advantage being a heavier guy and force the lightweight guys to chase back to you on the flats. You just tempo it and recover for the climb…

I had mechanical issues for the road race but, that is an ass kicker. Sag climb the main climb for sure if you can. Talking about the main climb on the loop. Not the climb back to the start/finish. If you get dropped it’s very difficult to catch back on due to the wind. Since I didn’t finish I didn’t get to experience the last climb to the start/finish but, I imagine it was pure pain. A true race of attrition.


Very insightful, thank you! I’m going to re-watch some videos and keep your points in mind so I can visualize them prior to heading down and pre-riding.

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Doing the road race, circuit race, and XC. Unfortunately the XC is the last day, not the first. But, non of these races mean anything to me so I am just going,

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I am. I’ll be flying in on Friday. Just going to do the Cat2 MTB. Should’ve added an event or two, but whatevs.

The road events have not been close to limits. You could sign up for any of those when you get there I’d imagine. Not sure on the dirt stuff. Those looked more popular…

I thought about doing the XC race as well but seemed too much for me. Maybe next year!

I don’t even own a proper road bike…

Cat 4 road race was mass start, no age groups. No idea who you were racing with or against. Bit of a mess. Two packs formed on the start climb and I didn’t even know there was a lead pack until I crested the first climb and saw them in the distance. Oh well,good thing I’m only racing road for fun :rofl:

Same mass start on the circuit race :unamused:

Circuit race was more fun than the road race. And my Garmin updated my FTP up yesterday during the RR, and up again today after the CR. Maybe I can get another FTP bump tomorrow on the XC race? :rofl:

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Two watt FTP bump :rofl:

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What category did you race MTB? How about that finish? just when you think you’re done, boom, another blacktop, then a little singletrack sidestep and then of course, zig zag corral?! I lost a place in the final sprint. Pretty bummed about that.

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I race as Pro. The course was nearly identical to 2019, the only other year I have raced so I expected the finish.

I actually had a fantastic race! Nearly identical to my 2019 race, but my fitness is way lower this year. I was all alone almost the entire race with no one in sight until the fire road climb at the finish where I ran down the guy I just barely beat in 2019, but I wasn’t able to make the pass before he realized I caught him :rofl:

I’m not following and/or missing something. Was your race a race together score separately with cat 3 or masters or 5’s etc…? The way you wrote it makes it seem like it was just a straight cat 4 race and why I’m confused is all.

Probably all Cat4, all ages mass start. So racing as a 20-30yo in mass start with 45yo and 57yo, etc.

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