Half of Low Volume, Never Doing the Whole Plan


although I am doing the low volume plan I almost never finish all workouts during the week. So I was wondering if I skip workouts which should I choose the ones with the lowest TSS?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Need to consider reasons why not doing all the workouts? Is it they are too hard, or just too busy to fit them in?


I’m currently in low volume build for half distance and I miss a workout here or there. It’s usually a swim because the pool i go to hosts high school meets. I’ll also shorten some of the bike workouts during the week (90min) because it’s just hard to fit it all in and still get enough sleep. As long as you feel good about the work you’re putting in and seeing improvement I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

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Thanks so much for your reply. I get a cold very fast and than I am wondering to often if I can train or should rest to give the body a break. Sometimes I just do not have the time.

So the main question is which workout should I kick? Is Tss a good choice the lowest or do I kick the v0max because I just want to finsh?

Hi Anita,

Which low volume plan are you on?

When you say you “get a cold very fast”, do you mean you are sick? Or just cold?

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I’d always prioritise v02 workout on a low vol plan


I mean I get sick.

you mean I should do them or kick the v02

If you’re sick I wouldn’t bother training at all, if you really want to train I would push the training plan back a week and do a couple of low intensity work outs, then get back into the plan when you are healthy again.

If you can’t fit 3 sessions in, but when you do one, you have time to finish it, I’d skip the low TSS one and maybe extend (or up) another one instead (two longer sessions).

If you haven’t got enough time in one go, doing a shortened 45 minutes session is still better than none at all (but do three of them).

If you feel you get ill too often, you’re probably close to the limit of what your body can handle, and need to dial something back. (This could be something else than the bike, for example if you also run). Or improve sleep and nutrition.

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thanks that helps a lot .-)