Adjusting the plan

Hi. I’ve been using TR for a couple of years and had quite a bit of success. I’ve gone from low to medium volume, but this year I can’t count on getting a ride in during the weekend. Currently I’m doing TBMV3 and don’t really have issues doing the workouts. How should I adjust the plan?

  1. Do all 5 workouts during the week and have the weekend off.
  2. Drop one ride from the plan (if so, which?).
  3. Drop one ride and use the +1/+2 variants of the others to increase the TSS.
  4. Drop one ride and increase the cool down. If so, how much time and more importantly at what %FTP?

If you can do them all I’d do them all. Probably not the plan I would choose if I couldn’t ride weekends, 2 hours is about my limit for indoor workouts!

I’m in a similar situation (as I think lots of people are) bordering low or mid-volume depending on life commitments. I try and follow the advice the podcast tends to give of the best plan for you is the one you can follow consistently. I do low volume when I select a plan and then if I can, I will add a ride in as life permits to push me towards the mid-volume style plan. I look at the TSS feature graph and try to follow the general trend (build TSS over a block) to know when to try and shoehorn more in or when to know enough is enough and I then pick a workout normally from the mid-volume plan that would have been in or follow the ‘flavour’ of the week.

Has been working for me and gives the feeling that I am doing more than I asked of myself rather than skipping workouts cos life…

I’m glad I saw this, I was just about to post a very similar thread!

I have always done mid volume to varying degrees of success. Lately however I have been struggling to fit in the weekend rides and often drop at least one of them (almost always a 2h one, I just cannot sit there for that long). Would it be better to switch to the low volume plan and add a weekend ride if I can? I’m worried I will lose fitness on the low volume plan, or won’t see anymore improvements in ftp.