Had to cut a workout short in the morning. Repeat for a pass or do a quick new one?

I got 40 minutes into Lamark early (5.15) this morning before I had to stop. Life gets in the way sometimes, but I was feeling confident that I would have been able to complete the ride. Anyways, I have a chance this afternoon to ride again. Should I:

A: redo the workout and try to complete it. (Thinking about these levels and that this is technically a “fail”) I’m not in the beta…yet, so no survey at the end to give a good excuse to the AI overlords.

B: new workout 45-60 min workout from plan builder, and ignore what the dataset thinks of me.

C: something else?

Thanks in advance!

C move on, you did a reasonable work out this morning :+1:

also what does that mean? Two intervals? 3 intervals? the total time (45 to 60 mins) is much less relevant than the time at threshold.

40 mins would put it nearly half way through the 3rd set:


Got it, thanks Chad.

Okay so, if it were me, I would try to do another workout this afternoon and i’d honestly probably just free hand it–do a warmup, 20 minutes or so of FTP and then some zone 2 if it was nice out and i felt like riding more.

This is not because it’s critical, i’m sure you’d be just fine if you called it a day and moved on, but this is what i would do simply because it’s helpful for me mentally to have ticked the box (plus a like two-a-days regardless :))

Thanks all. As is the way with life, the opportunity to ride in the afternoon disappeared. I am planning to add 30 minutes of z2 to my Saturday ride. Recovery week next week, so I’m not too worried about overdoing things. Mainly I just don’t like missing my marks when I know I have it in me. TR has been really good for me, as long as I’m consistent, and trying to stay on path.