Missed workout - making it up the next day?

Hey TR,

Got a little too drunk yesterday and I missed my workout. No fret, I woke up early today and knocked it out. Problem is I have a different workout scheduled for today also.

Would it be bad to try to fit that second workout later this evening also? Both workouts are tough sweet spot thresholds but I’m thinking I’ll be recovered well by late this evening.

Too much for one day? Is this a training no-no? Or just do it if I can?

What are the workouts?

It depends. Which workouts? Where are you in the training block? Etc. Sometimes you slide the week, other times you just skip the workout.

Palisade I did this morning and Eclipse

I am 4 weeks into a 6 week Base build

Palisade is one of the harder workouts in the library. I wouldn’t do Eclipse today. You can do a longer Z2 ride if you want to ride again. The week notes will have a suggestion for replacing that Sunday ride with longer Z2 that would be more appropriate if you must double up (Koip I think?)

Or just add some shorter Z2 like Pettit this afternoon.

Otherwise, I would skip it, take your recovery day tomorrow and get back at it Tuesday. You don’t want to sacrifice your whole next week because of one workout, and if you overdo today, you’ll be in a big hole next week.


Smart, I think I will do this. Thanks!


I was in exactly the same situation last year. Knocked out both workouts (sweetspot and threshold) with a huge hangover.
I likely didn’t get much out of it in terms of fitness gains. Though it helped big time with moral.

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I love how this post has low self-control…

…and absolute dedication in the same breath!

Perfect life balance :smile: