Had to cut my workout short, no progression values

New to TR. Had my first session today after my ramp test on Tuesday. I had a 60min sweetspot session and stuck to everything perfectly. With one interval to go my phone warned that there was 5% battery left - so I cut it short rather than risk losing it completely. As I say, first ride really so just trying to understand - but I have no progression changes. I marked it as equipment failure, but this doesn’t seem to account for anything.

Are the progression changes a binary pass/fail based on completing the workout fully or not?
If you have to reduce the effort of a workout, do you also get zero changes?
If I did this outside (doing a workout outside tomorrow) and don’t hit the intervals will I get zero changes?
I’ve seen that others get ‘secondary progression’ changes, but I didn’t get any of those - should I expect these for most rides and are these only handed out if workout is fully completed?

Just trying to understand so that I don’t make the same mistake, over-do it and not finish, and so that I can see progress changes to keep me motivated.

Thanks for educating the noob in advance.

You indeed only pass when you make it through the workout but don’t worry too much in the grand scheme of things not getting the credit for one workout really doesn’t matter. Do the same wotkout again or one slightly harder (like 0.3 progress level) next time


I completed an outdoor ride today, had an outdoor workout set. I ran through the workout on my Garmin but totally didn’t stick to it. Got back and have zero progression for that ride as well.

Do I have zero change because I didn’t follow it. I thought I read that outdoor workouts are just a pass fail regardless of whether you actually follow it or not. No big deal either way, but didn’t have any secondary progression either - just trying to understand. Seems a bit crap if the progression only picks up workouts and it doesn’t work when doing an outside workout.

If you don’t at least mostly stick to a workout, it’s not going to bump PL. I bombed two Threshold yesterday (just didn’t have the legs for it) and slotted in a Tempo for my last attempt. I did finish it, but only got a very modest bump in levels (0.2) when I think it should have been 0.4 :man_shrugging:t2:

On outside workouts you need to push it to your head unit, keep close to the range and hit the TSS number in during the workout. I think that’s right, but I’m sure someone will get that more dialed in than I’ve stated it. I’ll do Endurance, Tempo and Sweet Spot outside, but everything from Threshold and above I do on the trainer. I just don’t have the terrain or control to hit the targets outside.

Thanks, that’s really useful. Yes, it’s probably a case of learning what works for me outside if I’m following a workout.

Today the planned ride was 104TSS and my actual ride was 114TSS. As I say, I didn’t stick to the plan but TSS is pretty similar.