Possible Bug: Just Resubscribed and Added SSB LV1 - No Ramp Test

I used TR for a while and unsubscribed when the pandemic hit (with generally empty roads, I just rode outside every day). Then, as winter hit, I got lazy. I stopped riding outside and didn’t resubscribe. In the last three months, I’ve probably ridden 10 times.

I’m now ready to get back into it. That said, I’m sure I’m way out of shape. I just resubscribed and added SSB LV1. It defaulted to workout days of Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It also defaulted to a start date of today. The first workout is not a ramp test; it is Tray Mountain -2. TR imported my FTP from my prior subscription. I wasn’t sure if this was a bug or intentional.

Should I just do a ramp test today and then do Tray Mountain -2 right after? Should I change my FTP to something I estimate (my Garmin watch has one from a couple of recent rides)?


Just be consistent with how you measure power - does your Garmin measure power from a device on your bike, and/or do you measure power from a trainer when you do TR workouts?

No harm doing a ramp test if you haven’t ridden for a while.

I definitely learned that lesson the hard way when I first joined. My Kickr and Stages PM differ by up to 15%. I use the Stages with power match now.

I guess I’ll do a ramp test right before the workout. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.

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