Outside Workout Question(s)

Question 1
If I do an Outside Workout, are the Progression Levels adjusted on a pass/fail of the workout or is the ride itself actually analyzed?

For example, if I do the prescribed intervals but extend the endurance phase of the workout, are the Endurance PL’s adjusted accordingly, or is it fixed for that particular workout?

Another example might be a VO2 workout but the VO2 intervals are done at a higher than prescribed power. Is that scored differently than completing the workout as prescribed?

Question 2
I recently did an Outside Workout (Saddle Mountain) and noticed there was a duplicate workout on my calendar (same outside workout showed up twice). This was confusing since I only recorded on one device (Garmin 530). I deleted one of the workouts and everything looked fine until I pulled up my calendar the next day and both of the workouts were missing.

Is this a known bug?

I’ve since ticked the box that the workout was complete but this was one of those sessions where I went above and beyond, so I’m wondering if my PL’s would’ve been adjusted differently with the real workout, instead of just ticking the ‘completed’ box?

Moderations in work done apart from the target zones are not analyzed in outside workouts yet (Workout Levels V2). For now, its assumed you did the work assigned, and then your post workout survey does have an impact on your potential adaptations.

Not for an outside workout yet, as mentioned above. In the future, give those activities a moment to sync (especially if you pushed your workout to your Garmin, those should automatically associate).

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