Grouping personally created workouts in custom groups


Would be great, if you could create “collections” under custom into which you can insert personally created workouts (that you create via the workout creator) or even custom labelled collections of favourite rides.



That would be amazing, the workout creator is long overdue for an upgrade

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Just create a logical naming convention, and searching by that name will have the same effect.

TrainingPeaks has had that feature for years :wink:

I know there is always work arounds, at times a request don’t want a work around, which I might already be using, I’m expression a wish.

Feature Requests are great. Best to assign the “TrainerRoad Software” category and the “feature-request” tag, so Ivy and any TR developers can identify them easily in the forum. I already made this edit, but it’s good to assign for new threads, since I don’t always catch them.

Additionally, listing a workaround is also worthwhile. The requests rarely happen quickly and may never be implemented. So listing any and all current options is useful to make the best of what we have at this time.

Both aspects are great and serve a purpose, and TR welcomes them as such. :smiley:


Create your own “Team” and add the workouts to that.


Interesting idea!

… The work-around at the moment is a naming scheme as suggested above…, but that ties that one workout to also only that naming scheme, where as you might want to assign a workout to multiple custom groups/collections.

thanks for having done the tag updates.