Feature request: Group workouts with varied workouts

First off, I’m loving the Group Workouts feature. I have a teammate who is on a very similar plan to me, although about a week or two different. However, it’s close enough that we can take on each other’s workouts from time to time, and as always, a similar workout completed perfectly is better than the perfect workout failed. I get through much tougher workouts in a group than I do by myself.

However, the rest of the team is on very different plans, and there is no way they could join in our workouts, or us do theirs.

I’d love a way for us to have a group workout, with the voice and video sharing, but where we can each start our own workouts at the same time. So, I could be doing Brasstown, whilst someone else could do Pettit or Taylor.

I’d envisage being able to see the blue bars of the workout under each person’s screen, so that you can see (broadly) what they are doing. Being able to laugh at someone who’s got their next set of repeats coming up, and then cheer them on from the comfort of a zone 2 ride when they make it through.

I’m a massive fan, and I’m so glad you got this feature out, and I know it’s a work in progress. I can see this being an absolutely core part of my training.

Obviously, it would also be good to be able to see workout text during group workouts - at the moment, I keep getting distracted by the ‘ding’ of new workout text, but then it’s not there!

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Zoom? Google hangouts? Skype?


All good options, but they don’t share ride data (like HR, ride structure, watts, etc) like the Group Workouts do - at least not without some more complex screen-streaming which is beyond me.

Nate has mentioned that mixed workouts is in the list for features they plan to implement.


That will be BEAST! I can’t wait to get the whole team training together… apart!

Any update on this one?

Nothing I know. I will tag @IvyAudrain to get official TR info.

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Any update on this feature and maybe some ideas on a workout around until then:

Like TP me and my friend were on kinda similar trainingplan and were able to do the same workouts. But after the ramptest, my progression levels were almost all reduced to 1.0 and hers reduced to around 1.8-2.5 range. Whenever we want to do a sweetspot workout, for me it’s a productive workout and for her an achievable. To my understanding (correct me if i’m wrong) the difference in an 2.0 and 2.5 workout is in the amount of time you spend in the interval? Upping/downing the intensity level will only adjust the watts?

I am trying to see if there is a workout around we are still able to use the groupworkout function together while our progression levels are slightly different and trying to create a productive workout for both of us.

Ps: we love this feature as it helps us staying motivated, seeing someone HR spiking and sending motivational speeces or yelling at each other to up the cadence :smiley:

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No hiding in Group Workouts!! :eyes: I’m glad you guys are having so much fun!

We have some higher priority updates to Adaptive Training, Workout Levels, etc that we’re focusing on at the moment, but it is something we’d still like to do eventually.

Workout Difficulty:
The difference between workouts with different levels is not simply the amount of time that you spend in an interval. The difficulty is determined by considering the workout as a whole. For example, the difficulty of any given workout may increase by increasing the duration or intensity of work intervals, or the intensity of the rest interval may increase!

You could find a workout that is productive for your friend who has the higher Progression Levels. Then adjust the intensity down to a level that feels sustainable for yourself. You can learn more about how to change the intensity here: How to Change Workout Intensity. Adaptive Training recognises the changes made to your workout intensity so your Progression Levels will reflect the work you do.

Adding a 6-monthly bump to this question. @IvyAudrain?