Custom training plan calendar for group workouts

Hi there… I am a coach and love the trainer road group workout feature. I used to teach indoor cycling classes in my house or at a studio with perf pro in the winter but due to COVID plan to use the TR group workout feature.

I am wondering if anyone else is doing this and if so what is the easiest way to load your calendar of workouts as I use my own custom workouts. I would like to do it in 6 week blocks and then invite folks to the workouts each week…

Right now it is quite cumbersome to add a workout to my team group then go in there and add a workout to the calendar then go on the app on my laptop to invite people with the code. The RSVP link doesn’t always work either, it seems they may load the workout to their calendar but I still need to text them the code to use…

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.


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Hey! There isn’t an easier way to share Group Workout codes at the moment, each athlete will have to RSVP individually to get the Group Workout on their calendar. Setting up a team for the athletes you plan on having join you regularly to more easily share Group Workout codes and info!

Thanks so within the team right now I just share workouts but can you send out emails and such to all the team members? Or would I need to set up a forum to discuss things and then have people go to the forum each week?

I have not seen more of the team functions other than sharing workouts adding members

Thanks Ivy…

  • There is a “Forum” option built right into your TR Team:

Presumably you could just use that as one option, to share the workout links.

Is there any way to add a group workout to the team feed? I would love to be able to push notifications that way rather than copy pasting a link into a group email.
Hahn Rossman