Can we share workouts we make with the workout creator

Can we share workouts we make with the workout creator? I m trying to use and share other users files. Is this possible? Some of us have created workouts that we want to use with others.
Thank you.

Yes, it’s possible. Check out this thread:

as I think it would be easiest rather than reentering the steps here.

Hey there!

You can share custom workouts using TrainerRoad Teams.

You can learn about it here in this Help Center article:

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Thanks Bryce. I see how this works. But it does seem to be awkward? Would it not be easier to just have a switch to share it with someone? Don’t really want to setup or join a team for everyone I share a workout with. I can see why you don’t want personal workouts added to the library. That could get really messy.

Thanks for the quick response.

Hey @FatBoySlim,

I agree that it is a bit clunky at the moment. The truth is that our resources are currently being directed towards other projects, and the social side of TrainerRoad has not seen much development in the past few years.

We do have plans to revisit the social part of TrainerRoad in the future though, and I will pass your suggestion onto the team for consideration :+1:.


Hi Bryce,

Just want to extend my support for making it as easy as possible to share workouts built in the workout creator software. I think the social aspect of it would be powerful, say, if there were libraries of crowd-sourced workouts to choose from. But for me, I have built out and loaded many of the 80/20 Triathlon workouts into my calendar for personal use, and it would be nice to be able to share with my dad (who is not computer savvy), as well as any friends who might adopt the same program.

In all though, thanks for a great product. The fact that the WC tool works and is fairly easy to use, and even exists, is a great start.