Bluetooth headphones for use with helmet/ what music player for Spotify

I wondered if anyone can help. Could somebody recommend a set of sports Bluetooth headphones, which can be used with the helmet and winter bandana? We have a set of headphones stick out too much and it’s not comfortable.

Second question: I want to use Spotify so the player needs to be able to have apps put on it. We did think of an I pod nano, but are unsure if it would work? Also, does an iPod have Bluetooth capabilities?

Thanks all and keep on riding!

I use Apple AirPods and love them!

Check out the ‘Mighty’ music player This syncs with Spotify & is a great little device for jogging or while on the Turbo. Not sure if its available directly in the UK yet though

+1 for airpods - can have one in one ear and one free ear for hearing. But still only at 4am when there’s no traffic (for ambient noise and safety reasons).

Oof. Headphones on the bike? Please don’t wear them outdoors. :slight_smile:

If you do want outdoor music, try something with inductive speakers, like the Coros helmets: COROS. You’ll hear your music but also have awareness of other things around you. I can hear mine through a winter bandana just fine.

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Thanks all. I don’t really want to get into a debate to use of earphones on the road.

My own preference is Netflix/TR and a set of over ear Bluetooth headphones while on the turbo in the garage…

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Someone asked a similar question in another post. I will highly recommend Plantronics Backbeat Fit. They last about 8hrs. They allow you hear outside noise while riding. Plus, they fit great under helmet and any head cover I have tried. I been using for over a year. And THEY ARE WATERPROOF. I always ride with my phone or have it close by when on the trainer, so I have no need to get a different media player. You can find them online for under $60 if you look. Costco has them now for $50.

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Several threads with info and suggestions.