Group Workouts - Audio Sharing Conflict Between TR and Spotify?

Anyone have issues with connecting bluetooth pods to your computer and getting both TR and Spotify audio through the headphones and still able to speak through the computer mic (not the headphones audio input - which makes my audio horrible)?

I had to disable the mic input on my headphones (showed up as AG with the headphone name) because it would make the music audio down to a terrible bit rate. I can sometimes get spotify and TR to play through my headphones and still have the computer mic usable, but tonight every time I got both audio sources through my earbuds, I couldn’t get any mic to register. I had to close out spotify and futz around with both the TR and my computer audio outputs to get it back. Super frustrating as it seems like a crap shoot if I do it all in what feels like only one correct start up sequence to get it to work properly.

This unfortunately doesn’t sound like a TrainerRoad software issue, more likely an issue with your devices/headphones. :frowning:

I feel famous getting Ivy to respond to my post!

Yeah, 100% agree it could be that, just wondering if anyone else has seen similar issues that they solved. My headphones would go into a low bitrate if they used the internal mic so had to disable that in my PC settings, but now having this issue