🎉 🎉 🎉 Group Workouts are here! 🎉 🎉 🎉

Accountability! This is what having a workout partner or group workout brings, making it more likely you will show up, more likely you will finish the workout, etc., thus creating success and increasing the odds you will reach your goals.


Kind of feature request. Never done any racing but I watched :sweat_smile: lots of racing videos.
All of sudden I remember there was an workout named Sharktooth. Then I came up with this idea. I think group workouts featuring individual workout also could be useful if it is used for team race simulation. I imagined such situations under team training:

  1. vo2max rotation test - each person should have different timeline of intervals. Team pursuit falls here. Maybe this situation need absolute power target or group workout specific ftp.
  2. lead-out man + sprinter group workout - keep up with lead-out for long duration under race pace and occasional rotation, final big sprint. Each rider should have different workout loaded, but should ride simultaneously and can test their verbal communication. They can also see whether they are ready as lead-out and sprinter or not.

Those who actually do real racing could come up with more better(and realistic) ideas than I am.


Will try it out soon. On the data, a) it’s not like I’m out of the house using that much data right now anyway, and b) unlimited data. :partying_face: I’ll report back after I try it… I’ll need a friend first… :nerd_face:

Our landline broadband tops out at around 43Mbps (small-ish village in the UK). If I was in the office, on the top floor, I could easily beat that on my phone. It varies wildly between networks. I’m on EE, when I was on O2 it would have been unusable.

If I send one of my 30 day free trial invites to someone, can they access the group workout feature or is it only for paying subscribers?

Put a Pettit on for this morning and ended up having a chat with Steven Vanlancker from Belgium, someone id never have spoken to if it wasn’t for group rides. Another 5 :star2: TR addition


I really like this idea. That would be awesome for a future feature add!

This could also be a great way for less experienced riders to learn team tactics, particularly if they are solo riders without a team to work with on race day.

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A good excuse to buy another jersey :grin: (or a few)

Look at the sharing thread and you will get one. After you see how awesome TR is and all it has to offer you will subscribe. Edit:

Thanks but I’m already a subscriber (have been years). I wanted to know If I send one of my 30 day free trial invites to someone, can they access the group workout feature or is it only for paying subscribers?

No problem and thanks for the clarification. It will work for sure. The 30 day code gives you access to all features.


Due to the setup process, that I believe includes setting up a credit card, I am pretty sure they will gave full access to all TR features, including GW.

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Great feature this! Have to find a jersey now :rofl:

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Think I’d just throw on a running tank/singlet instead of a jersey, mostly to simplify the laundry since I hang jerseys to dry and just toss singlets in the dryer. YMMV.

I don’t know if it’s my system / setup, the TR software, or my Bluetooth headphones in particular, but: (a) I had to switch to a different output device and then back to the headphones to get audio to work; and (b) I haven’t been able to get audio from Spotify to output at the same time as TR.

Due to the “your” display being basically (actually?) the same layout as the Minimized mode that I otherwise always use, I didn’t find this confusing at all.

Is a skin suit acceptable on the trainer :joy:

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Think of all the free watts :stuck_out_tongue:

this is why I think the ramp test will be a whole new experience (whenever it is enabled)

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How soon for Custom?? Would love to get some custom workouts going.

Anyone have any recommendations for USB webcam that can be used on windows computer that will work for this?

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