Group Ride Needs Upgrade?

logging into Group ride this morning as the Host. I have been doing this for two months. Now I am told I need an Upgrade to use this??? Anyone else experience this?

They added a whole new bunch of features yesterday so maybe it’s your app that needs updating?


OK. But I didn’t get the memo…LOL I reached out to support to remedy it. unfortunately., it killed my Group Ride this morning. Nice

For future reference for the desktop application, Trainerroad downloads the updates automatically when you launch the app. When you close the app, it will upgrade itself. So next time you see that, close the app, let it update and then open it again.

And it will say in a green banner across the top that updates have been downloaded and will be installed the next time you run the program.


Did not work. I restarted the computer After updating Catalina. Then realized my husband unplugged the computer. Shut down again and trying to do it now.

I give up.
Shutting off again. I wasted 2 hours in this. UGh

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If the issue persists, make sure to send your issue to for help.

Depending on your computer’s current OS you shouldn’t have to upgrade that. And if you can’t get the desktop app to download automatically then you can manually uninstall TR and then go to to get the most up-to-date version.

Sorry you’ve spent so much time on this already. It sucks when for whatever reason the software doesn’t work as seamlessly as it is designed to.


@Brenda_Gustin @mwglow15 sorry to hear you’ve had issues with the app updating. As @Scheherazade mentioned, we had some very significant updates to our Group Workouts feature, and one of those updates was a complete switch to a new audio/video service. Due to this change, we needed to make sure everyone is running the latest version for things to work properly. That is the reason for the “update required” error.

Our app updates automatically, but you unfortunately don’t currently get feedback that a download is in progress until it has finished. If you close the app during the download we will have to start over. This hasn’t been a noticeable issue in the past since we haven’t had features that required everyone to be on the same version before.

To remedy this moving forward, we are adding a download banner that shows as soon as we start your app update. It will still prompt you to restart once the update completes. We expect this to go out with our next app release.

Brenda in the meantime I would recommend opening your app and letting it sit open for a few minutes. You should get the restart banner as the app will update in the background.


So How do I uninstall the old software and reinstall the new??

I wish it was that easy Russell.

So, Ok. I will re open and let it sit. and see if the magic banner appears. Thank You