🎉 🎉 🎉 Group Workouts are here! 🎉 🎉 🎉

I am running both the PB beta and the regular desktop app on my mac. The beta automatically updated. However the regular app did not. So I had this issue as well for the non-beta version. Can’t wait to try this feature out! Thanks TR team for all the sweet features you guys keep rolling out.

You are all totally brilliant! Thank you so much.

Agreed, but it is a great feature. For those of us that love the social, fist-bumping, nature of suffering together (in a good way) through sport this is an awesome feature. It is also a great way of bringing athletes who otherwise would not be able to “group ride” together to do so. Particularly in light of Covid-19.

On the announcement stream they had said that it was in the pipe for fall, but was expedited due to Covid-19. I think this is a fantastic way to bring people together in this unpredictable time and could have lasting mental health benefits for those willing to give it a try. Will it be widely used? Maybe not. But still a great option to have as part of the TR portfolio in an ever-changing industry!


@Nate_Pearson Love the whole idea of Group workouts, will soon be trying it our with my friends this week!
Suggestion: In future updates, can we have the ability to see which other members have a particular workout scheduled in the calendar on the same date as ours? Just trying to find a way to make it easier for people to find each other doing the same workout. I know there can be privacy issues, spamming and also time zone differences, but you can always opt out to get such requests.


So we each had a ramp test to do today, which we did separately @ 6:30. Then we all jumped on at 7:00 and did a 30 min group recovery spin (Taku). Made for a very enjoyable ride…didn’t even realize I had forgotten to start my music. We were just chatting away about plans, training, etc.

Like I said, I was initially “meh” about this idea, but the execution of it was excellent and it was awesome to use.

Definitely need to add Ramp Tests to it, though,woulda helped me tremendously today.



Love that you all keep iterating and adding in cool new features. I really am excited for the mobile app update when that finally comes down the pike. Hoping this feature will transfer there, too.

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“High ABV Beers are to Chad as Baxter is to Nate” kinda deal?

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I’m not sure, I would just try. Cell might be enough . It’s going to eat some data though.


@Nate_Pearson, Kudos to having the patience to develop this feature so quickly but roll this out in a controlled manner to get it right the first time, with the vision of adding capacity and capability in due time. Huge fan of the product as well as TR as a company, especially the leadership.

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Anyone know what would cause “Nameserver Peer Error” when trying to Continue To Workout?


Did a group Pettit earlier today with @MI-XC. We’d never met before but it was super cool to pass the Pettit time chatting with a fellow TR devotee. Chapeau TrainerRoad!

@Nate_Pearson, @JesseFortson, @Bryce, @ncomerford we did have a few video/audio dropouts for a few minutes. The workout continued for both of us, but we both suddenly lost the audio and video from each other. It eventually reconnected us, and one interesting thing is that when it did reconnect @MI-XC became the host of the workout even though I had initially started it as host. Was that likely just a drop in bandwidth for one/both of us? Or something on server side?


Great feature @Nate_Pearson! Didn’t think I’d really use this that much but I’m sold on it. Thanks @dbf.


This is what I see as the magic with the new feature. Many of us have chatted for weeks, months, even years on the forum. But that live connection is something special. I fully expect we will see new friendships, or greater levels of friendships when people give this a shot.

As much or more than any other feature, I really hope people try this before making any judgement on how it will or won’t work for them. I don’t think it is for everyone or every workout, but I see this as a great tool for the mess we have now, but well into the future too.


thats a bug on the back end of trainerroads software…not user related IMO

Can the power data be moved to the centre of the screen?

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OK, just for the heck of it I also tried it while on VPN as well (first test was normal, off VPN) in case it was some kind off-network firewall causing it, but same error came up. Sent in a support ticket and will see what comes back on it. Someone in our local club is looking to organize a ride with this new functionality - should be interesting if I can get it working!

One thing that happened to me both last night on our trial run and today during the actual Group Workout is that when I select the microphone from my headphones, I lose the audio from the workout. My buddies could hear me talking, but I couldn’t hear them. Switched back to the PC mic and everything was fine.

I wanted to try and use my headphone mic because my trainer has developed an intermittent rattle / clicking noise and I didn’t want it to be distracting for the group workout. Thiught the headphone mic would minimize the sound vs. the laptop mic.

I tried it with two different sets of headphones, too…last night was my Air Trekz and today was my AirPods Pro.

This is related to my feedback as well. Naturally I’m looking at the other person, and their power numbers are almost as dominant on screen as my own. I think the other people’s numbers could be much smaller.

Overall experience was Great though!


Not sure, but the whole system is getting switched out soon and that should fix this.

Ive heard that from a few people. One is a 5 w/kg TR die hard who never misses a workout. He said he didn’t need it. We did a super hard workout together and he said the only reason he did the last two intervals was because I was there…and the only reason I did them was because he was there! I kept looking at him to see if he quit, :joy:.

Anyways, great to hear you like it!