Grateful to TrainerRoad

Managed to get back from being obese to fitness (Lost 28kgs and raised FTP on the way).

Been using the Low volume plan and adaptive training to keep and raise my FTP. Shredding the trails with better speeds and now having to crawl uphills is so satisfying


Awesome work! What you’ve done is super-hard and deserves a huge congratulations. Well done!


Don’t lose sight of the fact that you had to commit and do the work. Remember to say ‘well done’ to yourself :+1:


Congrats! That’s some great work and dedication.

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Way to go!


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Thank you all for the kind words!


That is amazing! Congratulations on all the hard work, although we must also give you credit- perhaps more so, for all the work you did off the bike. Anyone can stick to a LV plan for 3.5 hours a week, but very few people can look themselves in the mirror, change and address their eating habits, and resist the temptation that comes along with eating comfort food all day, every day.

Chapeu dear friend.