GP5000S TR availability?

Has anyone heard when these will actually be widely available on the market?

No - but then I wouldn’t bother - the Rolling resistance website used by most for comparison said that although it is lighter it is no quicker than the original model and is a lot less robust as well. Most on the UK TT scene are v disappointed with the results and will stick to the cheaper, more reliable and widely available original. In fact I have switched back to standard 25C GP5000 with latex tubes on my TT and summer road bike. :thinking: :grinning:


The original GP5000s are not hookless compatible and supposedly can be very difficult to mount

I have hookless wheels.
The GP5000 TLs are so much faster than everything else (except TT tires) that I have to wonder if BRR isn’t a Continental shill.

I had to recently replace my fairly new GP5000 TL because of sidewall damage. That’s when I found that you can’t get the TL anymore, only the S TR, which costs almost 80 EUR instead of the 45 EUR for the TL. Great. I did find that Mantel sells them for 55 EUR, so I got one from there. Mounted it up, and the next disappointment - the 25C S TR is a good bit smaller than the 25C TL. The TL before was around 28.5mm on my 23mm internal width rim, and the S TR is only 26mm. Next disappointment? I cleaned the rim very well, and it doesn’t have rim bed holes, perfect for tubeless. 30ml of Orange Endurance sealant… and I’m losing about 40-50% of the air in 24 hours. I’ll pull it all apart again, but I never had that problem with a TL. I’m not sure I’ll stick with the GP5000 going forward…

I preordered the 30’s at when they first got listed there. The order has been pushed back a number of times and is now dated for sometime in February, although no guarantees is ships then.

I plan to use them on some hookless ENVE’s, so will stick with the Schwalbe Pro One’s for now.

A number of shops have them in stock around my neck of the woods. Only a few weeks on them. Initial impressions:

Durability=unknown but they are a touch thinner so I’m expecting quicker wear.

Crr=no noticeable difference.

Size=they definitely measure a touch narrower for same size same rims.

Suppleness=maybe a touch better. I’ve not done any crit style cornering so this is most likely wishful thinking. No worse though IMO

Hold air=same as TL.

Overall=very similar. Basically it just seems like a TL with sligtly less rubber all around.

While at a shop they tried mounting my 30c TRs on new wheels and it was too tight (they were bought for my gravel wheels), so I bought Specialized S-Works Turbo and wow the ride feel is so much better than the Conti. Overall the GP5000 makes a great set of tradeoffs.

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Turbo Cotton or Turbo? I have had really bad luck with the cottons. Super fast, super supple for sure but, just not reliable. Others have had good luck. Wish I was one of them because that would be my race tire for sure.

I’ve had fantastic luck with Turbo Cotton tires. I know everyone says they are fragile and Contis are bombproof, but I’ve had the opposite experience. I find the Contis ride super stiff and flat frequently.


Damn you Pbase. Now I have to try them again. :wink: :smile:

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I moved from GP5000TL to torbo cotton (with tubolitos) and can confirm that the road feel is much better… 7k kilometers without punctures

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7000K? What are you riding on atomically polished mirror? :wink: Seriously, kudos to you. 7K on any tire would be a huge win for me. You must have smooth tarmac where you are?


Plain Turbo. I’m the Bermuda Triangle of flats, it’s December prime training season, and I don’t need to be flat out fast for another 3 months


Also, as far as mounting the S TR’s one went on by hand and one I needed an iron for the last little bit but, they went on easily for a 5000. edit: rims were dtswiss arc 1100 dicut.

I didn’t have any real issues mounting the 32c TLs on my gravel wheels, and was flat free for 1800 miles when a sidewall tear sent one tire to the trash bin. They roll fast but feel dead to me.


You’re dead to me now. Long live the 5000! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :boom: :wink:just ribbing…



Honestly, I’m in the minority. I like the super plush feel of the TC and I’m willing to buy tires more frequently to keep that feel. I know many, many, many people who love the Conti.


I’m with you on the feel and agree the Conti does not have that supple feel. I just had bad luck. First three weeks, 3 races 3 flats. I also had bad luck with Veloflex (forget the exact model but, a TC type tire) and had similar bad luck. The best feeling tire that I’ve had ok luck with is the Vittoria Corsa foldable. Would like to try the TLR some day…I’ve seen them leak a bit of sealant though.