Trouble finding tubeless GP5000s in the Uk (resolved)

As per title. I want a set of 28mm wide tubeless Continental GP5000s (the very recently released new ones).

Seem to be N/A or out of stock in all the usual on line places and my lbs.

Much prefer black but will gladly accept tan wall if that’s all that’s available.

Any pointers gratefully received :grinning:

I feel your pain!

Not going to help you, but here in the US just checked AGAIN with one web retailer I use for tires:

I just bought a set of the 700x30 :smiley: and cancelled pre-order for 700x32.

and the other web retailer:


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Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR 28" Folding Tyre Road Bike Tubeless | Bike-Discount

I do not know what is the import tax currently to UK.

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For folks in the US… is awesome.

I found they had very competitive prices on Schwalbe tires even though the shipping is expensive. Stock up to offset the shipping! I got 4 Pro One tires for about $55/ea shipped and delivery took about a week.

Has anyone seen any deals on the older model 5000TL?

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I could not get GP5K TL either. I went with Schwalbe Pro One TLE and am pleased.


Awesome - they still had a few in stock so I’ve placed an order :smiley: :+1:

Regrettably there is a limit on orders for UK delivery due to Brexit - but the cost for 2 x tyres came in just under the limit (before delivery cost) !!