GP5000S TR availability?

I used S-Works Turbo RapidAir 2Bliss Ready 28s on a set of Enve Foundation 65’s this season on my road bike. Set up tubeless and ran 60psi F/R. They are also a very comfortable tire and held up well with no flats.

The new Conti 30s (when they come) will go on Enve 3.4AR’s. I’ll plan to leave the S-Works on the Enve 65s for now because they have been solid.


I might just try the SWorks Turbos, since they’re readily available where I am, are “only” 4 watts slower at 40 km (at my weight), and are quite light.

I heard the same about Turbo Cottons. I think the key is tire pressure. I was told to run them (depending on rider weight) somewhere 70’ish psi. I run mine 70-75 psi and so far no issues. Very supple and feel fast.

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I don’t see why anyone would want to use Cottons, given that they cost twice as much as GP5000s, are more fragile, and aren’t any faster. Except maybe for hill climbing.

Because some of us like to feel connected to the road? I have more confidence cornering on S-Works Turbo. Yet I still buy and use GP5000 as a training tire.


Problem is it’s not like the 5000 TL is widely available anymore.

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I just got some turbo cottons to replace my gp4000’s, I noticed on bicycle rolling resistance that the turbo cottons are listed as ~2 watts slower per tire compared to the gp5000 options, however, I believe this is done using butyl tubes in the turbo cottons and tubeless on the gp5000’s if I’m reading the protocols correctly. I run latex tubes and based on some of the aerocoach data it seems like this can save 2.5ish watts per tire, so I think the turbo cottons may actually be faster than the gp5000’s with latex tubes. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

GP5000 clinchers were measured with butyl tubes, the TLs were measured with 20g of sealant.
It’s said that the clinchers would actually be slightly faster than the TLs (by far the fastest all-around tire as measured by BRR) with latex tubes.

I have tubeless-only wheels, though… Which is fine since I prefer tubeless.

fair point - that’s why I switched back to clinchers with latex tubes…I missed a TT in 2020 because the Corsa speeds I was running tubeless blew out in the carpark before I even went out to the start - it was hot but I have lost faith in the whole tubeless tech…to much mess and variable results with different tyre/wheel rim systems.


Same here… moved back to clicnchers and ride feel is much better, rolling resistance is better, and life is easier with them… the only advantage of the tubeless is selfpatching, BUT only if it patches itself, and if not then you will also need to put tube but in a much messier way…

I’ve just bought some new aero carbon (disc brake) wheels but am yet to use them as I’m still waiting for the shop to receive the delivery of the official hub adapters to fit my skewers.

I’ve decided to go tubeless for the first time to see what all the fuss is about.

Primarily I’m hoping for a faster roll with less ride-ending / ride-stopping punctures when minor sharps are encountered; which is a reasonably common shared experience amongst riders around where I live.

Unfortunately I was (as per the OP) unable to find anywhere that still had GP5000 TLs in stock.

Eventually got a set of the newer GP5000 TL ‘S’ on line from Mantel. Delivered in about 3 working days.

I am looking forward to see how they compare to the regular tubed GP5000 I’ve had on my other wheels for some time now.

Confess I’ve really liked the feel of them to date, definitely also empirically (comparing segment times in pretty much identical conditions with same power) faster than the old winter tyres (gator skins) I had on before - and with 28mm I’ve been able to run slightly lower pressures which has also made a difference to comfort and probably contributed a bit (in terms of width and pressure) to the aforementioned faster feel.

Hoping the tubeless experience proves at least as equally positive, with a bonus of a bit less worry about minor punctures.

Slightly apprehensive about the fitment but the wheels have a deep inner section that is also pretty wide (22mm?) and I’ve got my Stans Race sealant ready to go and numerous YouTube videos lined up to study before getting stuck in.

Standard GP5000 tubes tyres have proved a bit of a pain to refit when changing a punctured innertube mid ride, especially with cold hands, so I’m anticipating an improved ride experience when the weather improves next year (wheels will be kept for good weather only)


Sunday morning I discovered a slash in the sidewall of my S-Work Turbo tires, just before leaving on a 50 miles / 5000’ climbing ride in the foothills.

Put on the GP5000 28x622 with Bontrager tubes and 40ml Orange Seal. Mounted with a strong push of the thumbs onto the Rapide CLX, unlike the 5000 S TR in 30x622 which is why I ended up on the S-Works.

Here is tire width on my Rapide CLX front wheel:

The CLX front is 35mm wide - look at that rim overhang!

Since going back to tubes in early December, about every two weeks I’ve been getting annoying flats from short (~1/4") thin wires (people say they are from radial tires). Figured the sealant in a butyl tube trick might work, so giving that a first chance.

Anyways, I love the road feel of the S-Works tires, both the current ones I’ve been using with tubes and the 3-4 years ago the tubeless ones.

After 4 days and 9 hours riding the GP5000, have to say I’m pretty happy with the feel, better than the tubeless 5K TL/TR. Still not at the level of the S-Works, but GP5K is $50/tire and S-Works is $80/tire. Just bought a backup set of the 5K for $98 total, can’t beat that price.

Next time I’m going to put latex tubes w/sealant in these and see if that improves the road feel a bit more.

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Latex will help. I think you will notice.

I’ve had bad luck with the TR’s. Slashes big enough to render the tire useless. I’ve gone back to the TL on the road bike which is slightly more robust and the regular clinchers with tubes on the TT bike. Agreed Turbocottons feel/roll better.

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Jinxed ride #5 - small finishing nail for the tube kill.

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That sux. Been there many times with nails.

Good times lol

  • sealant in a tube
  • add a nail

The mess of sealant with none of the benefits! :rofl:

Did find evidence of previous sealing - found 2 small wires stuck in the tube in other locations.

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I’ve been waiting for 30mm TR since December. They meant to show up ‘mid-January’, but still nothing.