Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR Pressure

The new S TR compared to the TLR is now hookless rim compatible. Pay attention to the max PSI guidelines as they differ depending on a tire size and whether you are riding a hookless rim or hooked rim.

I only bring this up as I’ve read some conflicting information and have had a tire blow off the rim and it was very violent. Be careful with this and just keep a max 73psi in the back of your head if you are running any size tire on hookless rims. Hooked rims can run a little more depending on tire size (and rim width).

I can see this being a problem with many peeps ordering from say Amazon and buy the wrong tire. Just pay attention to what you are buying. You have three options now: 5000; 5000 TLR; and now 5000 S TR.


Aww yeah!


I wonder if the low maximum pressure for hookless rooms isn’t partially due to the fact that they are all so wide that the extra air volume makes the effective pressure much higher.

What? How does extra air volume change the pressure? It can change the force, but the pressure is what it is.


Better question, where can you buy these?


That’s what I mean. More air at the same PSI means more force on the tire.
That’s why bigger tires use lower pressure.


I think every single one was trashed during Paris Roubaix.


The problem is roadies looking at tyre pressure charts from the 1970’s.
I’ve ran the current 32mm gp5000tl on hookless rims without any issues. Ran them at 35 psi with superb rolling resistance and comfort.
I’m looking forward to see how these new tyres fair against the Corsa speeds on bicycle rolling resistance site. The TT rig may have new tyres next season.

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You’ve got a bigger risk appetite than me! There’s plenty of things where I take official guidance with a big pinch of salt, but I draw a Iine at doing fast descents on tires which the manufacturer explicitly states aren’t compatible with my rims.


These are now up on Continental’s website. Compatibility / max pressure info below - copied verbatim from the Continental’s website, but a little formatting for easier reading.

Compatibility and safety information for tubeless ready tires (XX-C = crochet-type rims [hooked]; XX-TSS = tubeless straight-side rims [hookless]):

  • 25-622 [development rim 19C]: hookless maximum 5.0 BAR / 73 PSI (≤21TSS), hooked max. 7.5 BAR / 109 PSI (≤21C). Note: [ETRTO-2021 for 25-622 on 23TSS not approved by Continental]
  • 28-622 [dev. 19C] hookless max. 5.0 BAR / 73 PSI (≤25TSS), hooked max. 6.5 BAR / 94 PSI (≤25C)
  • 30/32-622/584 [dev. 21C] max. 5.0 BAR / 73 PSI (≤25TSS/C)
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$117AU PER TYRE. No thanks…

Yeah $117AU/85US/74EU is getting up there for something that will wear out after a couple thousand miles. Which got me to thinking how much of a hypocrite I am about buying speed…for example, I think the aero marketing is quite deceptive yet, when it comes to lower Crr I’m into it; I think weight of wheels is something not to worry about yet, the weight of a tire is something I actually consider; carbon v. aluminum bars is rubbish yet, a supple tire is essential. I guess I’m into tires so, despite the price I’ll be buying them. I get it though. If my ego wasn’t so fragile and not tied to my last race result I’d not consider them either.

Considering how much my GP5000 TLs weigh, this would be the cheapest possible way to take 100 grams off my bike I could imagine. Plus it’s supposedly faster and more puncture resistant.

Taking how long my GP5000 TLs last on average (with front to back rotation), GP5000 TLs cost about $0.03 per kilometer.

These would be more like $0.05.

In a world of dubious $700 derailleur cages, a couple hundred bucks for a set of tires that makes your bike noticeably faster compared to a typical OE tire sure seems like a screaming deal to me


So anyone like me at 90kg adding clothes and shoes with a 9 kg bike plus water bottles, pedals,saddlebag, tools and food can forget about 25mm tyres

In fact it’s a bit marginally on 28’s

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Use the wet setting and increasing the size of the rim.

I don’t think you really need that much pressure, anyway.

I take your point about the wet settings.
Thinking about it, if I bought a set of hookless rims I’d definitely be getting wider than 20mm internal
At the moment I’m running 75/80 psi on 28mm GP5000 with latex tubes. I’m surprised that you say I could go a lot lower than that with hookless and tubeless.

I’ve just put the details of 28mm, hookless and 25mm internal rim and wet into the calculator -. Wow 55/58.

Looks like black maybe be available soon, but you’ll be waiting for the transparent ones if you need a tan wall like me :crazy_face:

At $100/ea, I’m not in a rush anyway.

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