Hookless road tyres recommendations

Hi guys looks for some recommendations for hookless tyres for my gaint trc for the summer miles thanks

What’s your priority, rolling resistance, road feel, grip, puncture resistance, all round balance of the above?

I’ve tried these two:

Conti GP5000 S TR - My dailies, not the best road feel, but ok and roll very well. Don’t size up too big on my rims. Wouldn’t be nervous using in the winter as no cuts or punctures this year.

Vittoria Corsa Control TLR - My previous winter rubber, great feel (less buzz, more feedback), don’t roll as fast but still adequate for the local group rides, would only bother me for races and such. Size up quite big.

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Thanks looking for fast ones for the summer no worries about punctures, these will be for my trip the hills in Spain

GP5K S TR for rolling efficiency. Challenge Strada Pro Handmade TLR for ride-feel.

Agreed that the Conti’s test fastest (or close to) and are great all rounders too. The new Specialized S Works T2/T5 tyres could be fast and a bit more supple though I have tried them.

I’m a fan of the Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless.

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Id 2nd this for sure. Just plan on having every 4-letter word youve ever learned on tap trying to install these! Challenge handmade tubeless tires are notorious for being an absolute PITA to get on the rim. They sell a little doohickey to help and Id highly recommend grabbing it!

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I love Corsa Controls for the offseason, your description is spot-on. You can hear when the file tread engages, and I always liked that — it gave me confidence that I have plenty of grip.

Jarno@BRR tested the new RapidAir tires and they performed similarly to the previous version at higher pressures and slightly better at lower pressures. Not in the same league as GP5K S TR for Crr though.

These were released late this summer. They have been fantastic for the first 500+ miles: https://www.vittoria.com/us/en/tires/road-tires/corsa-next