New Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless Easy Tyre (Tire)

Hey, there is a new version of schwalbe pro one tubeless tyre, which is looking very good. Of course they said

“Schwalbe claims the Pro One Tubeless Easy (TLE) offers 13% lower rolling resistance than the outgoing Pro One, with 22% more cornering grip. Puncture protection has also been improved by a claimed 30%. Wear rate is said to be 4,000-5,000km. The Pro One TT Tubeless Easy is said to offer a further 21% improvement in rolling resistance.”

Even if half of it is true, it will be a big competitor to GP5000.
It will be on sale from 4th September and there will be a faster tt version too.

Here is a video about it on bikeradar.

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More links to release info:

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Between the Continental 5000 TL, this, and the new to be released Specialized Turbo RapidAir, it feels finally like tubeless road tires are a real option


I like my Pro One TLs so far but with my rim combo (Prime CC-38s) they are a royal PITA to mount and they seem a bit soft and prone to small surface damage. I don’t think I will get more than about 2K out of them. I haven’t had the chance try Conti 5K TLs for comparison, but then again the Pro Ones are half the price.

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I am a current pro one user, love them. Keen to try out the new ones when they become available. The TT option is also interesting, only worth it if you have a race only wheelset though I guess (which I don’t) as swapping these tyres isnt the easiest process to do regularly :slight_smile:


Oh MAN you’re not kidding. I’ve had pro ones on 3 different rims and they were absolute tight as hell to mount and seat each time, I think I had the bead seat easily once or twice with an air blaster even. Broke a few tire levers.

5000TL? Put them on with my hands and they seated with the floor pump.


my experience as well. competition is good for the game. glad to see other manufacturers step in and up their game in the tl roadtires market.

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I’m giving up on my Pro Ones. Out for a ride yesterday, I took yet another puncture that just sealed enough to get me home. By my count in under 900km that is at least 4 that required sealing, one was borderline enough to plug so I did. Apparently it is entertaining to see it happen, according to my wife and curious onlookers on the path. There are also numerous other small nicks and cuts which lead me to believe that they are a fairly soft compound and not particularly well suited for my roads/paths. In comparison I have run regular tubed GP4Ks on a brakeless fixed gear for over 2500km (skid braking) and Pirelli Pzero Velos for 5-600km with no issues.

A pair of GP5K TLs are coming from Amazon today as I have a big ride next weekend and simply don’t trust the Pro Ones enough.

You’ve just convinced me to go with the 5000TLs one my pro ones wear out. After I had a bad valve stem leak during a gran fondo I paid a shop $30 to set up the wheel again for me as I just couldn’t bring myself to go through that process again.

I had the same experience with the Pro Ones. Almost gave up on TL trying to put them on.

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Same. Pro ones on two different wheelsets were absolute torment to put on and seat. I replaced with 5000TL about 6 weeks ago and they went on with my hands and seated with a floor pump and no sealant. They are a little softer and feel better on a ride too.

In kind of related news, Schwalbe is discontinuing tubular tires in favor of tubeless.

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Key quote from that article:

In terms of sales, he also pointed out that “almost all of the [tubular] tyres we were moving were to sponsored athletes — people that have their own mechanics — not people that actually ride their bikes and buy their own tyres”.

It would be interesting to know what percentage of their tubular road tires were actually purchased vs provided as part of a sponsorship deal. I get the feeling that at least World Tour teams pay for very little of their equipment, and get most of it through sponsorships. Either way, selling only to pro teams seems like a small market, and likely not worth competing for.

Hopefully there will be an actual road tubeless standard soon, but I’m not going to hold my breath…

Well crap. Totally different experience mounting the 5Ks. Front was nearly as difficult as the Pro One and still needed the compressor to bead. The rear would not go on for anything. I just stopped for fear of wrecking my rim. I tried putting it on another alloy rim and had a tough time with it. Wondering if it’s defective

Has anyone have any long term experience of the 2020 pro one tubeless?

I’m not sure which to go with this year. In the mix are the GP5K, Pro Ones or maybe corsa 2.0

I had some GP5Ks early last year and both front and rear had sidewall issues - they really did roll well so might be giving them another go - but am really interested in the Pro Ones.

I think the Pro Ones are what campy recommend for my WTO rims also…

Haven’t tried the new ones yet, but I have been running the Pro Ones for 3 years now (25 and 28s). Most of the time they will go right on after letting them set out in the sun for a few minutes. No tire levers needed on my carbon Bontrager wheels. Biggest mistake I see people make is not getting the bead all the way down in the rim channel. Hope that helps.

Ever since 2018, I’ve been on Schwalbe Pro One tubeless tires exclusively. Fast, cheap ($43 on Merlin Cycles), reliability, puncture resistant. I typically use the 25mm for road racing, and during the off season, I use the 28’s.

I’m worried that the new 2020 pro one tubeless wont be the same.

I got the new 2019 version as soon as they came out. The feel of them in your hand is more supple and seems a little softer and tacky than the 2016 pro one. I’m running them tubeless. They went on the rim slightly easier than 2016, which 2016 version has never been that difficult for me. Although they mounted easier, they still created the same great tubeless seal as 2016. I think they stretch a little more so they can mount easier while creating the same seal. The 2019’s are now using the European tubeless standard, so was glad to see that matched my wheels nicely and dimensions seemed to b very close to 2016. I haven’t flatted yet. Even ridden them a bunch in chip gravel rail trails. They do seem more supple and tacky on road to.

Overall, except for 1 issue, I think the did a great job. I was expecting them to test better on rolling resistance, but that’s splitting hairs.

The 1 issue I have is sealant seeping out of the carcass. I have tiny liquid dots all over the tire. I’m running finish line sealant, which is not ammonia based and doesn’t dry when in contact with air. Maybe this is why, but I’ve run finish line for years in 2016 version with no issues.

That being said, I prefer the old onestar compound with microskin compared to the new addix compound solely because of this leaking problem. I am still using the tire and have for months, but next tire I’ll get the 2016 version if available.

Thanks for the reply!

What wheels are you using? I don’t suppose you have measured the width when mounted?

I specifically would like to know how wide the 25mm tyres measure when fitted to a C19 rim.

So Schwalbe has said they made the 2019 version sizes to better reflect wider rims. I have a 2016 on front and 2019 on rear, both 25c. And it is noticeable that the 2019 version is not as wide.

I’m running HED Belgium wheels. 25mm external, 21mm internal. Just pumped the tires up to 70psi front, 80psi rear. Which is what I run in “most” cases. 2016 version measures 29.6mm and 2019 measures 28.0mm.

I would be interested to know if anyone else running the 2019’s have a “leaking” issue. If yes or no, I’d like to know what sealant they using and how long ago they were purchased.

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