Breakfast ideas for pre-race

Going to be attempting my first 42 km race or first race ever to be honest.

Looking for some breakfast ideas? Anything fun and interesting?

Any timing suggestions? I was going to eat 2-3 hours before so it can digest a bit.

You can’t beat cinnamon toast, crunch the night before and the morning of!


I eat cereal


What do you normally eat before a workout or regular bike ride?
Pancakes, oatmeal both are good with a couple over easy eggs and maple syrup.
Cereal that’s lower in fiber.
I’m pretty basic and eat one of the above almost every day. Without getting to fancy and not too high in fat or fiber especially before any big ride/ race.

I normally don’t get to complicated either.
Protein smoothie

Oats and fruit

Egg wraps

Pancakes and something

I just thought it would be nice to spice it up since we’re hitting the road for a weekend away. I also don’t usually eat and ride shortly after it’s more like eat, do my chores and go for an afternoon ride. This will be a get up eat and race. My main goal is to basically finish and stay under the cut off times.

I lean towards protein and fibre in my regular diet but from reading online the carbs and sugar seem to be the key to long rides and races.

Just trying to amp up my game and get some fun ideas I would normally eat.

Yea I would personally eat lower fiber and eat a couple hours before the race. I don’t like gels but I’ll have some gummies or half a clif bar or 1 pop tart maybe 30 minutes before the race. Depends how big of a breakfast I ate.
I ate a huge pancake from first watch one morning 2 hours before a race and it still felt heavy in my stomach at the start.

Simple carbs should be the focus. Pancakes with syrup are pretty much ideal from a performance standpoint, but find something you like. And the “don’t try something new on race day” is particularly true when it comes to eating. Try to match your breakfast for racing and what you eat on a big training morning. I’ll usually throw down a PB&J in the morning since it’s quick/easy and calorie dense. It’s not ideal race/training fueling due to the protein/fiber, but my stomach seems to do fine and it’s familiar.

As far as timing, 2 hours prior or right before the race starts are the usual recommendations. I’ll get up about 2 hours before race start and eat/drink immediately and pretty much nothing else prior to the start line (then maybe some gels/caffein at the start).


High Carb, Low Fibre.

Eat 2hrs before so you get all of your pooping out of the way and done.

I go for Scrambled Eggs, White Rice, Soy Sauce if savory, or Pancakes and Maple Syrup if sweet.

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Do you all avoid fats before a race, or just fiber? Or does it not matter?

I avoid both fiber and fat before intense workouts, long duration training rides and races.

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I don’t mind a little fat and protein before a race, but definitely low fiber. A couple eggs have never hurt me before any race. Too much fiber on the other hand will make me feel bloated.
Everyone has their own meal before a race and it takes trial and error. I have a stomach that can handle almost anything but fiber is a no go for sure before an event.

250-300g white rice, with honey, or
Kelloggs Coco-Pops and 45g fructose, very little milk. Race days.

Long (+6/7hour) endurance days, 3-4 butter scones with strawberry jam and cream.

Short race . Bagel with honey and peanut butter. Hand full of berries or grapes.


I’m not avoiding fat so much as prioritising carbs. Every gram of fat is 2-3 grams of carbs I could have eaten.

Sometimes sushi rice and just soy or sweet chilli sauce is enough.

That said, at some point I accept that I’m not a pro athlete and I give myself a small amount of slack to have a marginally better nutritional profile and taste a little better.

Except when it comes to fibre. Nobody wants to stop for a poop in a race.


I personally do oatmeal and jelly toast. Works for me but everyone has something that will work different for them so it’s a good idea to try different things on normal riding days and see what feels good.


Lots of good insight!

Thanks a heap,

If you’re trying something new, keep it simple.

Two bagels and peanut butter. Or white rice and a couple fried eggs + Sriracha and salt

Cold cream of wheat with maple syrup and cinnamon. Make it the night before. Very easy on the stomach first thing in the morning.

Waffles or Pancakes 3 hours before does the trick for me.

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