Breakfast rut (non oat / GF)

Looking for some inspiration and ideas for pre ride breakfast that are not oats. For some annoying reason, they no longer agree and kinda stuck for ideas. Thinking rice-based may be best but give me your best pre-ride ideas!

Rice Pudding. Either plain or throw in whatever you like, fruits, nuts, chocolate chips, sugar

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Dairy not be great either though i guess you can make it with coconut milk?

Yes rice, you can even just make boiled rice and then mix it with whatever you like. Or boil with whatever “milk” you like.

Also cornflakes and other kids cereals - but beware that loads have barley in them.

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Krusteaz gluten free pancake mix, also “breakfast hash” potatoes with eggs. Just a couple quick ideas

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I’ve been making Cream of Wheat with PB Fit and some salt and topping that with frozen mixed berries for a PB&J vibe. Just enough variation from oatmeal to keep me interested. :slight_smile:

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pan fried sweet potatoes


1 cup cooked basmati rice
2tbsp almond butter
1-2tbsp honey

You’re welcome. :laughing:

I like to precook a bunch of rice beforehand, then combine in a bowl and warm in the morning.


Ive been doing cream of wheat with a scoop of protien powder mix in. Really good actually

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Are you looking for different breakfast dish ideas, or just grain alternatives to the oats? For the latter, some good gluten-free grains to cook oatmeal-style are quinoa, amaranth, rice (as mentioned above), and buckwheat groats. Most of these will take longer than oatmeal to cook, so it might be worth cooking a batch ahead of time then reheating with some liquid.

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Breakfast couscous cooks up quick - did this for a whole summer of eating goff a camp stove. Bread pudding or French toast work for mix of protein and carbs

EDIT: I missed the gluten free in the title…

Gluten free pancake mix with fruit, maple syrup and protien yoghurt.

Oats contain almost the same protein as Gluten so Coeliacs should not have oats.
I eat GF wheet bix, GF Muslie, GF Pancakes. If Milk is an issue for you and many coeliacs report this, then rice, fruit, GF toast, eggs…
Note, Pancakes have milk but you could make your own mix with other “milk replacement” products.
Good luck.

Bit of both really, rice is always a good shout and guess i just need to learn to love it more. End up eating it many many times a day… haha

Im not actually coeliac, but oats and too much dairy (greek yog is ok i guess due to low lactose) seem to screw up my digestion and IBS. Think i have the weird type where to much fiber (contrary to what public health says) screws me right up.

Have you actually been tested for Coeliac and lactose intolerance? if not you should be. At least you will know.

Yep i have both negative. Would have been easier if i was as i used to love oats. Know i can eat them but don’t tolerate them well seems worse. Weirdly also they seem to make my skin itch like 4-5 hours later… Which goes along with a mind already to the protein in them.

you could just pretend your Coeliac and follow that diet anyway? You may be FODMAPs sensitive which is similar foods but a different cause so you could try a low-FODMAPs diet.

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Notte: I am not a doctor, just a member of the Coelics