Going on a week long, intense cycling trip mid plan

I am currently following a polarised training plan to get me fit for a sportive in May. I’m in the third week of the base phase.

I’m now also heading on a cycling trip for a week with some friends during the 6th and final week of the base phase of my training plan.

This trip is going to be 6 days of very long days in the saddle (>100km) with lots of elevation (>2000m).

Is there anything I should do to make sure my plan adapts to take this into account so I’m feeling fresh and not missing an important week of structured training?

I was considering adding the first day of holiday riding as a B event to my calendar and the rest of the week as a vacation. What are your thoughts on this?


Add it as a B stage race?

Is it during your planned test week? If so I’d recover a little and do 1 interval session with endurance the week before and rest after the ”intense” week for a few days to a week.

It’s the week before my planned test week. So theoretically I’d be testing the day after I get back.