Cycling holiday

I’m going away for a week in Nice starting the 15th March. This will be a big week for me, probably around 1000 tss. My 6 week average is 463 atm, it’ll probably be closer to 500 by Sunday.

So my question / search for advice. How should I structure the week before and after this week. It’s getting into crit race season now and I don’t want to lose any of my sharpness. So I was thinking next week I’d do 3 shorter higher intensity workouts like Huxley -5, and two endurance workouts.

The week after take a day or two off then do 3 endurance workouts and one higher intensity workout to ‘wake’ my legs up.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I know some of it will be done on feel but I’d like to have some sort of structure in mind and adjust it as necessary.