Dropping Weight In Offseason

I’m sure this is a very common question…

I’m 6’, a pretty muscular 188lbs. Down about 5lbs from winter. Have been training with trainerroad consistently since the middle of cross season last year. Quickly figured out significant weight cuts were not going to happen while sticking to a plan and hitting workouts. Would have liked to have dropped more like 10lbs…but I cant complain too much. .weight is down, power is up.

Anywho…I’m planning ahead for the off season. After a couple week break after cross season, my tentative plan is to start next years training plan in early/mid january, and start with 6-8 weeks of traditional base plan, losing a pound a week or so, before diving into sweet spot base1. I’d like to be in decent shape for a mid april gravel race.

So my questions are these:

  1. Does this sound reasonable?

  2. Should I expect to have an FTP drop during traditional base?

Yes - if you can dedicate the time to traditional base this is one of the easiest plans to complete while dropping weight. I’d suggest you figure out your diet now and make sure you’re eating right. The weight loss will be driven by the kitchen not the bike and if you’re figuring that out during this block of time you might not nail things down until you’re halfway through (or later)

Honestly depends on a ton of other factors, primarily how detrained you are at the start of the block. It shouldn’t meaningfully change in the majority of situations

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My diet is fairly good right now.

I honestly ate pretty well before I startrd training. But the ease with which I completed some of the tougher workouts wben eating better was a bit of a relevation. So these days it is mostly oatmeal, brown rice, veg, lean meats. Only real challenge these days is having enough of that stuff on hand all the time, so I dont supplement with garbage when I feel I’m a bit low on calories for the day.

Oh and limiting beer and cocktails haha

  1. Your plan seems reasonable. It shouldn’t be difficult to drop weight on Traditional Base. I would suggest throwing in some fasted rides. If you haven’t experienced riding fasted then take it slow- once or twice a week. Fasted rides at endurance pace helped me drop some stubborn weight in the past.

  2. Maybe, maybe-not. Nothing you can’t get back with a solid block of build or SSB.