If You Were Me, Would You

6ft, 14st 4lb with a W/kg @ 3.2. Body fat I would estimate to be low 20%

I don’t know what to do regarding my plan of action.

Do I go on a fat loss program knowing that I’ll lose some of my FTP and start base


Do I start my specialty phase and let me FTP increase and hope that I lose some bf?

I’ve just got into TT’s so if I go on the cut, then I’d assume I’d do poor. I don’t mind missing out on some of the season

Thanks in advance

I’d look at losing weight first. Will mean a possible ftp decrease, but the longterm benefits will be worth the initial setback.

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I would run out this season’s TT events then spend your base dropping a few kg if that’s your goal. You might as well enjoy the events while you can and then schedule out to your first A race next year/season. You could also do a modest calorie deficit without too much impact on performance if you wanted to.

Dont be disheartened if you dont get much FTP increase in speciality… that phase is more about fine tuning what you’ve achieved in base and build.


I don’t think you should be making either/or decisions about power and weight with such short-term timescales.

Do specialty, eat healthily but make sure you fuel your workouts. See how the TTs go, and maybe you’ll drop a tiny bit of weight. At the very least you can start instilling some good eating habits.

But start thinking now what you want to achieve for next season and start putting together a realistic long-term plan for achieving it, so you’re not trying to make this decision this time next year.