Carb loading: smaller amounts over a longer period?

From what I can gather, carb loading of approximately 10 to 12g per kg for the 36-48hrs before a big race, event, etc. is the accepted protocol. I’ve read many accounts of how difficult/uncomfortable it can be to cram that many carbs in. What are the advantages and drawbacks of extending the loading period to, say, 3-4 days and reducing the amount of carbs per day accordingly? Same amount of carbs but in more manageable amounts over a slightly longer period. Would this work?

3 days is possible but I’m unsure how much you’d be storing vs gaining weight stretching to 4 days.

I’ve just finished my A race and can honestly say I got fed up of eating, drinking enough water is another big issue. Doing that over 4 days would be too much mentally for me to take more than anything.

Of course the default position is that what works for some people doesn’t work for others