Glycine - Anyone using it?


Someone at work mentioned to me today about Glycine and the fact it could help with sleep (ideal if you’ve had a bit of caffeine maybe?).

Anyway I looked it up and it seems like a great supplement with lots of benefits.

Any downsides?

Always worth checking - link for glycine here. Sounds like there might be something in it but from the article you shared it sounds like it’s a case of working out what is cheaper between collagen and glycine, as collagen is mostly glycine…

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Interesting stuff, also curious to hear others’ experiences/opinions.

I’ve been taking this for the last 3 nights and I have to say I am quite impressed with it so far. Sleep quality seems to have improved, I’m not a bad sleeper but I’m pretty sure that I am sleeping much more soundly. Looking forward to seeing how it helps when my training switches back to evenings (still on holiday leave right now).

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