Getting back on the bike after bad case of Covid19

Hi Folks,
I ended in the ICU with Covid Pneumonia (acute respiratory failure with hypoxia) and I’m glad to be here to talk a little bit about it. I won’t go into all the details of this horrible odyssey, but I can tell you my entire attitude about this disease has changed.
I’ve been extremely fit since 2013 and topped 2020 with 9000 miles of road cycling. I followed a mid volume road racing schedule program here on TR. Many of my cycling friends seem to believe we cyclists have some “special” immunity to covid, especially for the severe cases. Thats simply not true. The virus does not differentiate based on how fit you are or not. This is happening at the cellular and molecular level.
Well, I’m on my way to recovery and have been at home for an entire week after i left the hospital. I’m seeing improvements, but I still feel weak. My oxygen saturation is back to normal levels after been on supplemental oxygen for a while. I’m now doing neighborhood walks a couple of times a day as part of my physical therapy. Also doing lung and breathing strengthening exercises. I’m very much looking forward to getting back on the bike, and I am interested in how to resume training after this disease and what other experiences you might share? Also, I feel i have lost all my leg muscle and vascularity at this moment. I know its all there, but my legs feel thin.

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