Getting Back Into It

Hey All!

I am getting back into training after a year or so break. My next event wouldn’t be for about 8 months or so. What should I do training wise? I was thinking SSB 1 and 2, Short Power Build, and then repeat, then before my event do the Crit Specialty Plan. Does this make sense, or should I be doing something else? Thanks!

You can’t go wrong with SSB 1 & 2 to get back into it! And since you have enough time left before your main event, you could even work on your weaknesses in the first build (general / sustained build?), maybe another speciality and then back to the base, build, speciality which are more specific for your event. Mixing it up might be good mentally as well!

Here is a useful article:

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The short Power and Crit are my weaknesses. That’s why I chose them! Now is the best time to work on them for sure! Thanks!