General Thanks To the TR staff

Last year was tough for many reasons.
TR helped me transition from a near cripple in constant pain into someone who lies to himself about being competitive. :grinning:

I have also learned more about fitness and nutrition lately as we have discovered my wife and three of my children have celiac.
The deep dives Chad does into nutrition uptake and energy systems rivals what our local non-specialist gastroenterologists offers for guidance on diets to help them heal. And some of Nates specific diet recommendations has helped us keep them safe from further harm.

It is almost frightening how often we would be researching a topic; How their gut flora might be out of balance causing nutrient mal-absorption. Then here comes a podcast where Nate went and had his intestinal flora tested. You have provided many good avenues to research into a very poorly understood disease and its effects.

TR has measurably and significantly improved the lives of my entire family.

Thank you

The extra time I have to take to keep these pins clean and ready for display is about the only downside.