Criterium & 10 mile & 25 mile TT

I’m currently following ss mid Volume TrainerRoad plan & next week I’m about to embark on part 2 before the build phase.I was wondering which build & speciality phases would be best for me?Im leaning towards general build & most probably criterium for specialty plan.As I’m doing tts i would probably have gone to sustain power for build but as I’m doing crits too I think General would be a better option
If I do criterium in the speciality build & swap out some vo2 & threshold efforts from the 40km & 20 km short distance triathlon builds would this be okay?Its difficult training for both disciplines as they both require the body to do different exertions
I’m coming back from a back injury I sustained year before last & im not new to structured training.I undertook TrainerRoad last year & saw a 30 watt increase in my fitness without racing or a speciality plan.I was mightily impressed by the training app
As long as you put in the effort you reap the rewards as long as you don’t overdo it.Im 48 years old & raced at veteran level before getting my back injury

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