General Build plan for HIM?

For the past 3-4 years I’ve done the full IM plans and along the road I’ve done HIM’s using the fitness build up for an IM.
2019 has me doing 70.3TX in April and IMAZ in November so I can actually target both with good buildups and treat both as A races.
I’m 2 weeks away from finishing SSB2 followed by ski trip. Then I’m planning 8 wk build. So the HIM builds I don’t like. Mid volume is too easy for me and high volume has the 4-5 hr long rides that I don’t want to do. I usually do my own swim and run workouts. The mid volume general build looks very intriguing and I’ve never done that plan.
Has anyone done that plan in route to a HIM or IM? Would love to hear your opinion


I don’t personally have experience with using the General Build Plan for triathlon training, however, if you are opposed to the HIM Plan, the Sustained Power Build would be a closer match to the effort and intensity levels that you will see durint your race.

General Build is designed to equip you to deal with attacks, breakaways and short intense efforts, whereas Sustained Build is all about consistency and holding a constant effort. Since the HIM is all about constant effort, this is a better choice for your training.

Good luck!