General Build Mid Volume is No Joke

General Build Mid Volume is no joke - way harder than Half Distance Tri High Volume. I think it is because of the back-to-back intense workouts on the weekends. HDT-HV at least had one lower intensity endurance type ride most weekends.

Anyway, this weekend marks the end of the first block with Tallac +3 and Junction -1 but I’m pretty beat, both from GB-MV and increased demands from work. I bailed on Bashful +6 on Tuesday due to not feeling well (here).

Wondering if I should start the recovery this weekend and push Tallac +3 and Junction -1 to next weekend. Thoughts?

Lol! I think I’m in the same place in the plan. I did that workout Tuesday and have the same on the docket for the weekend. I’m dropping Junction Saturday for a more race specific outdoor ride. (~5 hours of gravel)
Did you have avalanche spire today?
How old are you?
If you are completing the first couple of weeks before the recovery week, but struggling in the third, maybe you could look at changing the overall structure of your plan and do two work weeks, then do some recovery.
I’ll admit that Bashful +6 cracked me. I finished, but dropped the intensity down to 94% after the first set.

Currently at 68, the mid volume build plans have been too much for me three years in a row. This year I’ve let the Plan Builder serve me low volume plans, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m also adding easy commuting rides - 13.5 km/45 minutes each way on a heavy bike - one or two days per week since I was able to complete the mid volume Sweet Spot base plans.

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