Recovery after Triathlon Build

Any of you left pretty washed out after the build? Did the mid vol half distance build. Cut the build half a week short because it just wasn’t productive training anymore. So I took 2 days off, followed by easy run and swim day. But still feeling quite tired with some mild headaches from time to time.

I’m afraid though that if I take more days off, any improvements made in the build might go away. I’m leaning to overdoing it and this year I wanted to completely avoid this fatigue that I experience now that forces me to drop training days. Damn I should have stopped it earlier.

Any recommendations to what point I should recover?

That all being said… TR mid volume mid distance triathlon build is way too hard. Just my opinion and might just only (or especially) apply to me. There’s no point in destroying yourself and then having to take days/week off or getting sick.

I think recovery is pretty personal but I’d focus on fuelling and resting. Are you planning to drop to LV for specialty?

I’m just about to start the HIM B/B/S in mid volume so I’m interested in what you thought caused the fatigue - was it one particular sport or the combination of them?

Yes, trying to do that. Feels hard to sit it out but might be for the best.

I think it was the amount of intensity. It might work for some but it seems I’m not able to make up for volume in intensity. Actually I think that the hi vol plan might have worked better for me even because it contains long rides instead of one of the 2, mostly 3 intense rides a week.

HR zone distribution wise according to training peaks I was in (3-zone model) 67% low intensity, 22% mid, 11% high for running and cycling for the build. Running I was pretty much polarized as in only easy runs and 1 vo2max run which was working good I think (distribution 86/8/6) but that was my doing. So on the bike it was 56/30/14. And this is just WAY too much intensity for me and cooked me. Felt very strong after the base and now I’m completely drained. And even though I could do some of the intervals that I wouldn’t have thought possible, I think the improvement after the build in ftp is probably minor and I don’t have the feeling that I can hold a reasonable percentage of ftp for a longer duration. So to be frank here, I am really disappointed in tr for this build structure.

So no, I won’t go forward with any tr plan and never will pick one up again to be honest. But I might keep it to pick workouts for my training structure that I’m gonna create myself from now on (or I might get a coach and then cancel tr)

How much triathlon experience did you have prior to starting the mid volume plan?

I’ve been running for a few years, triathlon 3rd year now