"General Build - Mid Volume" - Extend endurance rides in week 4?

Hi guys,

I am starting week 4 of the “General Build - Mid Volume” plan, which includes only endurance training.

My question, as I’m on holiday and have plenty of time to ride:
Does it make sense to extend most of these workouts by choosing alternatives with an additional 30-60 minutes or is that perhaps counterproductive in some way, since the week is mainly meant for recovery?


You’ve nailed it mainly with your last sentence.

It’s the rest week. Nothing wrong with adding additional endurance or easy riding so long as you’ve given your body enough recovery to shed the fatigue from the last few weeks, and are not adding additional fatigue that you’ll carry into the next few weeks.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I think I’ll just extend 1-2 (out of 5) rides, monitoring my heart rate and reducing if needed…